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Delivering next-generation artificial intelligence and tools for games within all genres.

Apex Game Tools is delivering next-generation artificial intelligence and tools for games within all genres. By integrating the latest research into our industrial-quality tools, we deliver the state-of-the-art integrated solutions for the gaming industry. From our founding in 2014 we have delivered tools to thousands of games, and we continue to bring great AI to everyone.



Apex Game Tools is a social responsible company. We donate part of our time to help good causes, including providing internships to people who need a chance to get back on top of their lives. We also proudly provide our services to good causes where artificial intelligence can make a difference.


We collaborate with universities and leading researchers across the world to advance the state-of-the-art of artificial intelligence. We also do our own research in advanced algorithms, machine learning, and cybernetics to harness the power of artificial minds. and we provide infrastructure, experience and a platform for industrializing innovation and taking new ideas to the market. We also participate in research project, and we have a deep background in both fundamental and applied research.
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We see it as our mission to help students interested in artificial intelligence to get a foot in the field. We offer internships, the possibility to do assignments, bachelor, master, and PhD-thesis together with Apex Game Tools. Often, we end up hiring the students we work with.



Apex Artificial Intelligence is used at universities across the world to support teaching artificial intelligence to new generations of programmers and game designers. We support  professors, researchers, and students to get the most of artificial intelligence with everything from licenses to entire teaching kits.


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Advisory Board

Ass. Prof. Dr
Julian Togelius

Procedural Content Generation
Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Togelius is an expert in procedural content generation, artificial intelligence, and has been central in introducing core procedural content generation paradigms and advancing the state-of-the-art for procedural content generation.
Dr. Togelius is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

Ass. Prof. Dr
Sebastian Risi

Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary Robotics

Dr. Risi is an expert in neuroevolution, evolutionary computation and evolutionary robotics. His research focuses on evolving artificial brains for complex tasks in both real and virtual settings, using biologically-inspired computational methods. Dr. Risi has a background from Cornell University and the University of Central Florida.

Ass. Prof. Dr.
Joseph Alexander Brown

Artificial Intelligence
Procedural Content Generation
Machine Learning
Evolutionary Computation

Dr. Brown is an expert in artificial intelligence and procedural content generation, with deep knowledge of machine learning, evolutionary computation, optimization, algorithms and theory of computation. He currently holds an associate professorship at Innopolis University and an adjunct professorship at Brock University. Dr. Brown has experience from both academia and industry, with an emphasis on machine learning and optimization in complex systems.