Steering Components and Scripting.

  • October 3, 2018 at 03:08 #23886

    Is there a scripting guide on the Path + steering? It has everything I need to start, Pursue, Seek, wander…

    But when I put them all on the character it freaks out and goes all over, my AI no longer controls directions and the likes using the UnitFacade().

    I like to be able to activate each steering behavior as it’s needed, and stop/restart the character. I’m close but so far away.

    October 3, 2018 at 03:12 #23888

    Or would I do it this way:

    ` public class UnitFacadeExtended : UnitFacade
    private SteerToJumpComponent _jumper;
    public void Jump()

    I saw in another script you had a Run() function, but there was no walk. I need all these but everything is so scattered it’s hard to follow precisely how to put them together.

    October 3, 2018 at 13:32 #23893

    We do not have a scripting guide, sorry.
    The documentation is comprised of the API docs, the videos and the demo project.

    Steering components work as a simple priority list. Each steering component is evaluated in priority order and if it provides steering output, the evaluation stops there.
    Components with the same priority are evaluated together, i.e. the output is combined.

    If you put all possible steering on a single unit you will need to implement another system, as simple priorities will not cut it.
    How you go about doing that is entirely up to you, but implementing a custom unit facade is a good approach.

    How you choose to enable/disable steering components however is up to you. You can literally enable/disable them, or control their response to being queried in unison with the priority system, or create your own steering component combining multiple steering components in one.

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