Apex Path Quick Start

To get started quickly with Apex Path you can follow these quick instructions:

Import Apex Path into your Scene

1. Open Unity
2. If you do not already have a scene, create a new scene: File -> New Scene or press CTRL+N
3. Import the Apex Path package into your scene: Assets->Import Package->Custom Package->Apex Path.

Use Apex Path inside an existing Scene

1. Add the Component Apex -> Quick Starts -> Navigating Unit with Selection to the GameObject you want to navigate around the scene.
2. Add the following Layers “Terrain”, “Blocks”, and “Units”
3. Select the terrain GameObject the agents shall navigate on, and set the layer to “Terrain”
4. Select the agent GameObject and set the layer to “Units”
5. Select the GameWorld object, and locate the Layer Mapping component in the Inspector
6. Set the following three properties:
a. “Static Obstacle Layer” = “Blocks”
b. “Terrain Layer” = “Terrain”
c. “Unit Layer” = “Units”

You are now ready to test the scene

1. Press play
2. Hold down left mouse button and drag to select the unit, or click it directly
3. Right click to set the unit destination
4. Hold shift and right click to set waypoints