Apex Utility AI Changelog

– Support for Unity 2017

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the resolution of connector links from composite action were done prior to the execution of the composite action, which an unintended change from the previous version.

v 1.0.6
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug that prevented manually executed AIs (via AIManager.ExecuteAI) to properly select actions on linked selectors.
– Fixed a bug with pooled load balancer tasks, where such tasks would not repeat as they should.

– Added a stack trace to AI load errors to facilitate troubleshooting.
– Added a link.xml file to prevent stripping from removing types/members actually used.
– Added TerminableCompositeAction which supports adding IRequireTermination actions. Any such action will be terminated when the composite is.
– Added a TerminableAction for a generic version of an IRequireTermination implementation.

v 1.0.5
Bug Fixes:
– Visualization will now properly show for an entity selected in the hierarchy before pressing play in the editor.
– Visualization for AIs with multiple paths to an AI link will now work as expected.
– A number of additional fixes to visualization mainly to do with run time loading and enabling/disabling of AIs.

v 1.0.4
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where auto generation of Context and Context Provider from the Utility AI Component would generate incorrect c#.
– Fixed a bug with List fields in the inspector.
– Fixed a few bugs related to replacing certain action types with others.

– Dictionary fields are now supported in the inspector.
– New composite qualifiers, ‘All above threshold’ and ‘Minimum or Nothing’
– The Repair utility will now offer options for enum fields/properties
– Instead of using a random existing Resources folder for storing AIs, the root Resources folder is used or created if it does not exist.
– Selected views are now always drawn on top.

v 1.0.3
Bug Fixes:
– Disabling an AI in the Utility AI Component for non-prefab entities was not properly persisted.
– Scores over 9999 can now be properly displayed in the editor (during visual debugging).
– Fixed a bug where context visualizers did not persist their settings.
– Fixed a bug with visualizers for Actions with Options not working properly.
– Fixed a bug with IRequireTermination actions not behaving as intended.
– IRequireTermination actions now actually work as intended.

Breaking Changes:
– IRequireTermination’s Terminate method now takes an IAIContext parameter which was required all along since the AI itself is stateless.

– Composite actions can now also act as connectors (executed after all other actions are complete).
– Empty categories will no longer be displayed in the inspector.

Plus a number of minor improvements.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed an overly eager news pop-up

v 1.0.2
– The duplicate command (ctrl-D) is now available from the context menu.
– Middle mouse button can now be used to pan the view.
– MaskMatch now has a NoMatch option and the CompareOperator has a NotEquals option.

v 1.0.1
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed an issue with Quick Starts not showing properly.

v. 1.0 Initial Release