Apex Utility AI FAQ

Apex Utility AI is an advanced hierarchical scoring-based artificial intelligence (AI) framework for computer games. The AI is capable of advanced abstract reasoning using simple scoring functions to evaluate complex situations.
Go to the Unity Asset store and download the Apex Utility AI package.
The Survival Shooter demo contains a complete implementation of the Apex Utility AI and comes with a full tutorial. In addition, there is a range of tutorials and samples bundled with the asset package.
To create a new Utility AI you do the following:

  1. There are two ways to create an AI:
    1. Tools => Apex => AI Editor
    2. Navigate to the Project View, right click => Create => Apex => Utility AI
  2. Press “New”, enter a name and press OK to the save the AI with the new name.
  3. Right-click within the editor window, and select one of the selectors, such as “First Score Wins” to create a new selector
  4. Right click on the “First Score Wins” Selector, and select a Qualifier, such as “Sum of Children” to create a new qualifier
  5. Right-click on the newly created Qualifier and select an Action, such as “Wander” to create a new action
  6. Press “Save”. The AI is now saved.
The Utility AIs are stored in a folder called “ApexAIStorage”. It is stored in the resources folder by default. But you can alternatively search for it in the Project view.